Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spirit Week

at San Vicente Elementary School

MONDAY: Crazy Hair Day!
The girls had wacky and outrageous hairstyles!
We colored the boy's hair so they too could join in the FUN!

TUESDAY: Celebrity Day!

Erika as Carly, Isa as Janet Jackson, Kaystone impersonated ELVIS! Sullivan as Chris Brown, Angie the rockstar, Crystal An the dancing queen, Brianna the Barbie Ballerina, and Katrina as Hannah Montana!

The unanswered question: Ms. Kathy who are you?

We wanted everyone to get involved so we got creative...

Rahul and Eugene as Walker Texas Ranger! Joseph and Oneil as Farmer Brown!

and of course we had ROYALTY in our midst...

and some awesome sea creatures! Phillip as Sebastian (Little Mermaid), Noah as Bruce (Finding Nemo), SPONGEBOB Rico and Samarsh as Dory (Finding Nemo)

WEDNESDAY: Crazy Hat Day (My Personal Favorite)

We searched for different items from cups to paper bags, we used our imagination and stuck them together! I even burnt my finger with the glue gun (AWW!)

Phillip wasnt around for the picture taking so he had a special shot with Ms. Kathy with his cool giraffe hat!