Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Say Please, Please Ep.2

The "Open Butt" Segment

Everyone makes mistakes, whether it is by accident or by choice. But our actions have consequences.

Say Please, Please are class videos, filmed by students, to show others that there is ALWAYS a better way.

Students are assigned to create these projects when they have chosen to act inappropriately or when they break school or class norms.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Say Please, Please Ep.1

The "Anti-Rudeness" segment

*Everyone makes mistakes, whether it is by accident or by choice. But our actions have consequences.

Say Please, Please are class videos, filmed by students, to show others that there is ALWAYS a better way.

Students are assigned to create these projects when they have chosen to act inappropriately or when they break school or class norms.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

United Nations and Halloween Celebration

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Benvenuti in Italia!

6th Grade Mummies

November Reminders

  • November 4: Citizenship Day (No School!)
  • November 7: Autobiography/ Biography DUE
  • November 7- 10: 1st Quarter Final Exam
  • November 11: Veteran's Day (NO SCHOOL!)
  • November 23: Field Day/ Education Day
  • November 24-25: Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL!)

October 31-November 4 Newsletter

October 24-28 Newsletter

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tribute to 911

About 9/11

By: Jeremie Manansala

Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist, and his team the hijackers.

His team the hijackers made a plane crash the twin tower,

attacked the white house, and attacked the pentagon.

I feel sorry for the people who died in the twin tower

Because if that was me for sure my parents will be worried.

Hundreds of people died from the twin tower

And soldiers died from the pentagon

911 We’ll remember

By: Jayda Mendoza

The story about 911 broke my heart.

If only I was actually there when the airplane in the air, crashed in to the towers.

I’d honestly freak out but, I would go in the towers.

I would help, I would risk my life, for those people, I would die.

I have one heart, I have one soul.

911 Story would never get old.

We will miss all those people, no matter where life takes us.

911 We’ll never forget you.

Never forget…

A Tragic Day

By Arcen Obando

There was a day when a tragic event occurred

When nearly 3,000 suffered

The Twin Towers fell

And that didn’t go well

People wept

But others kept

Although I wasn’t there

I knew there was so much to bear

10 years ago when people died

While others cried

A tragic time occurred when the Twin Towers fell to the ground

And there was nothing left but a mound

We will remember the loved ones

And the people who loved them tons and tons

BY Edmar Ostonal

The 911 attack

All the twin towers were destroyed by Bin Laden . He crashed the plane into twin towers pentagon and the white house. I felt little sad that the twin towers was destroyed but someday I will be in military .Ill be there any time any place.

911 Attack

by Noah Pohl

9/11 , a time of sorrow and despair.

Fire fighters both big and small working to help the people.

9/11, so evil so bad

working its way into people’s hearts,

like a knife jabbing into their soul.

9/ 11 9 / 11, how we will never forget.

The Horrible Attack

Poem by, Dolores Sablan.

I wish and hope that this would never happen again.

To all my families, loved ones, and friends.

I want those memories to never go away.

All I wish is that they’ll stay.

I wish that I could give those people one last good-bye.

Before they suffered before they died.

I want those people to just know.

That we’re one big family, all in a row.

We will miss them forever and ever, we won’t forget about them.

Twin Tower Poem

by Lionel Sanchez

the firefighters and cops went to the scene many lost their lives that’s what we believe. Black smoke filled the sky, and a lot of people tragically died. If my dad was at the scene, I wouldn’t know cause, I’m still a baby. If I was ten back then, I would be sad, cause, I’m with my mom waiting for my dad. One of my auntie was in the Pentagon, and the plane crashed so she’s gone. Bin Laden took her life so we take his, no regrets and no excuse. They hit the Whitehouse too and that’s not nice, so they went to war with the terrorist. There is not a lot of people that are bad in Iran, so no need to kill the innocent. Our heroes are the public servants for trying their best, to save the people on ground zero.

As long as we can remember

The 9/11 Attack

Many lives has been lost the day of 9/11. If I was there I would shed a tear. I feel bad for those who lost a loved one. As long as everybody is still here, I am happy to be alive.

By: Rudy Santos

9.11 by Dean santos

We shall never forget the lives that are not alive. Even though I wasn’t there I felt sorry for the people there. We never took a look not even a simple look. I never thought the will not

be a live. I still care even if it scared me. We never shared stories with eachother or heard a story from them. We never talked but I wish we could talk.

9-11 By:Halia Taisacan

Every day people stop and stare.

We think of people here and there.

Friends and neighbors always care.

About our people here and there.

When we think of 9-11 it makes us all scared.

We think of all that happened .


The 9.11 attack by piling terlaje

If you build peace you get a piece of peace.

At least help them with their keys

but don’t tease them about their dirty knees.

If you seek people they will give up put downs

and respect you and stop to tease you and accept you.

Hearts to remember by

francisco tuwun

I really felt sorry for the hearts

That passed away and fell apart

For family and friends who shed their tears

Hoping that their dears were here.

I can’t believe it happened that day,

Especially when 3,000 people died that day.

If my mom or dad was there

I would be really scared

I heard once ,then twice, and

Now it became my advice.

It’s hard to remember the

The hearts of truth,

But if I were you, believe

It is really true.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tribute to 9.11

The 9/11 Attack

By Donavin Ada

September 11,2001 was a horrific day of lost lives and

loved ones who didn’t deserve to die.

Two planes crashed into the twin tower.

A third plane crashed into the Pentagon Building.

These incidents were caused by terrorist act.

It makes me wonder why such person would want to kill innocent people.

This was the most important day, September 11,2001, to save lives and

capture those who tried to attempt such horror.

But all I can do is pray for the people who died

And pray for the world to be a peaceful place.

9/11 Attack

By: Ylac Caracut

In 9/11 terrorist attack,

Plane crashed, people died and

The twin tower fell

A few months later life got better

Today we asked ourselves was 9/11

A good thing? Or a bad thing.

I think it’s a good thing

because strangers learned to help each other.

but most of all I think it’s a bad

thing because a lot of people lost their lives.

by: Cherlene Detera

9/11 was a horrible day

In so many ways,

People got kill from the twin towers

“For some people it felt like so many hours,

People got killed from Bin Laden”

But now he has been killed.

So many hopes so many dreams and most of those

had been crushed

To those that really means

For the fire fighters that day

They had to fight their way to help those people in need.

911 Tragic Day

By: Jodeen Fredrick

On the day where it all came by,

Some went away and some survived.

In memory of all our loss ones,

We pray, unite, together as one.

As we think of the tragic incident, we’re all buried in sorrow.

But when it comes to love, it all starts tomorrow!

In Remembrance of 9/11:

By: Daydra Hocog

A flag for reflection , a flag of honor

Uniting the nation to our father

It will keep us people to this tragic day

But all these heroic acts shall not fade away.

911 by: Lynette Ichiro

911 was a big life change, the twin towers was a tragic day.

Some people cried and some people died.

And some people were glad that Bin Laden had died.

Time to respect, honor, and

share this is what happened when I wasn’t there.

The Horrible Day: 9-11

By: Newlyn Victoria Jeter

September 11 was a horrible day

But in any other way it was my big sister Stevie’s birthday.

A lot of people died in the twin tower

In many other hours

Bin Laden destroyed the twin tower

He is such a coward.

9/11 by:Doris Joseph

Hands to hands stands to stand we’ll be alright

If you hear my rhyme

I got your back you’ve got mine

I’ll help you out anytime

To see you hurt

To see you cry

Makes me weep and wanna die

And if you agree to lend a hand

I’ll remember you till the end

And if a heart needs a mend

I’ll be right there 9/11 till the end

POEM OF 9/11


i hope and i pray for all the people that has been taken away.

We will not forget we will always rememeber them forever

We shall never forget that grave day,
nor the lives which were taken away.

Those faced with great loss, so understand
the ultimate cause of our free land.

Although we might not know who all they are,
they should be known in people’s hearts.

The 9.11 was the worst we’ve seen
because it was caused by Bin Laden.

Emotions do make us what we are
September 11th – Stays never far.

-By: Erika Lansang.

911 by Jane Lee

Fire fighters and police officers

were a good team

Although their minds were jumping

but they worked hard as a team

and succeeded

it was sad for those children waiting

for their parents to come home or

their cousins to arrive.

everyone will remember the day

of September 11th

people were brave to save the workers in

Twin towers

We will remember forever

Every September 11th